Weekly Reads — February 12, 2017


Confession: Do I read most of these articles on Friday and Saturday night, after putting them in my Pocket App for safe keeping? Yes. Do I feel bad about that? Ehh…maybe. But I rather think that point is moot because I mean to read these earlier in the week, I just don’t get around to them until later in the week.

“Keeping Kids Frenetically Entertained is Ruining our Museums” — Aeon:

Even before studying history for six years, museums have had a special place in my heart. I enjoy the quiet calm, where I can think about history or art or dinosaurs. I go as far to like the quiet of a museum so much that I tend not to use the audio guide because I like to think on my own about the art or artifacts. Switek wonders about the function museums have had to take on in a world that pushes children (and adults) to be constantly entertained. I think if you’re interested in museum studies this piece will get you thinking.

“Teddy Girls: The Style Subculture That Time Forgot” — AnOther:

Teddy Girls were the female counterparts to the British, 1950s Teddy Boys; young working class men who took on the style of upper-class Edwardians. This article is a short history of the Teddy Girls, punctuated with photographs by Ken Russell that were thought to be lost until 2005. Definitely a must-read for those interested in 20th-century subculture and fashion.

“How to Be a Writer: 10 Tips from Rebecca Solnit”Literary Hub:

I’m trying to get back into writing fiction. I feel like I’ve been away for eons, and I don’t remember how to write anything but essays. Part of this attempt has been reading about the process of writing and trying to be inspired. I don’t agree with all of Solnit’s advice, but then, I don’t have to! I can take the advice that works for me, and leave the rest.

“Vegetarian Chili with Winter Vegetables” — New York Times Cooking:

And finally, a recipe that I actually made! This is a really good recipe that is pretty easy. I didn’t have access to/didn’t want to search all over Krakow for winter squash so I just left it out.


Saturday night blogging essentials. Mmmm, raspberry beer. 



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