Weekly Reads — February 5, 2017


It’s been eons since I posted a “Weekly Reads.” As you can probably tell, it’s been a busy few months. But I’m back at it! Here are a few internet things I’ve recently been reading

“An Anthem Against Silence: Amanda Palmer Reads Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s Piercing and Prescient 1914 Protest Poem” — Brain Pickings:

Considering everything that has been happening in the last few months, and particularly the last two weeks, this poem, written at the height of the suffrage movement, hits home. Amanda Palmer reads the poem, with a background of music by Jherek Bischoff.

“Highlighting Women in Photojournalism” — Lens (New York Times Blog):

This article looks at the gender gap in photojournalism; it doesn’t so much focus on wages, but on how many women are represented in the profession. I was particularly interested in what type of photo assignments women photographers tend to get, and how one photographer thought that while women tended to create more “humanistic” photo-essays, did not mean they should be pigeon-holed into photographing women’s stories. “There needs to be gender parity, because we all are different and we need different perspectives, not because we need women to be ambassadors to women, necessarily.”

Listeners Sold Us On What’s Special To Them … And They Sure Got Specific”  — NPR:

The honorable mentions to a recently aired segment on All Things Considered, these fake ads perked up my day. I couldn’t help reading the advertisement for moss in a vintage make-up ad voice.

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