Weekly Reads — January 3, 2016


The one in which I dream about lots of travels, wish I had great portrait photography skills, and celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Our Favorite Portraits of 2015” — The New Yorker: A quick little slideshow of  The New Yorker staff’s favorite portraits from the magazine. I’ve never been good at photographing posed people, even though I’ve taken classes dealing almost exclusively in portraiture. The most “portraiture” I do at my job is taking quick headshots of people interviewed, and that doesn’t give me much creativity. But practice makes perfect, and so does studying other photographers. The portrait of Lianne La Havas, by Pari Dukovic, and Computer Magic, by Shae Detar are two of my favorites.

On the Trail of Kafka in Prague” — The New York Times: Food and travel writer David Farley writes about his tour of the the “Kafka Trail” in Prague — which is essentially a tour of all the places where Kafka lived in the city. What’s really interesting about this article is that Farley includes the perspectives of artists and other writers on Kafka.

36 Hours in Warsaw, Poland” — The New York Times: As much as I love the New York Times, they are pretty ridiculous 90 percent of the time. While it’s interesting to read about the fancy, up-and-coming places to eat and drink in Warsaw, I don’t think I’ll be visiting any of these places when/if I travel to Warsaw. I’ll stick to museums and using Spotted by the Locals for food and drinks.

Books are Dangerous” — Aeon: This is a intellectual take on the debate about “trigger warnings” in university literature classes. The article essentially says that the idea that books are morally dangerous has been around since Ovid and Seneca in various forms. I like this point: “The key problem raised in the debate on trigger warnings is not psychological but cultural. It highlights the sensibility of vulnerability and minimises the capacity for resilience. That is why university students who have frequently been at the forefront of reading and debating ‘dangerous’ literature can now perceive themselves as unable to cope with unsettling material.”

Sunday #DrinksPorn: Champagne Cocktails for NYE” — Vogue: Ignore the silly headline and just look at the gorgeous photos of NYE drinks. By the way, I started my own new tradition of a hot buttered rum for the celebration, because hot drinks are excellent and much better for cold winter nights.



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