Weekly Reads — December 13, 2015


It’s Weekly Reads time again! This one is full of books, recipes I’ll never make, reasons for hosting parties, and Polish things.

Pop Sugar’s 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge — Pop Sugar: As if I didn’t already write about all the books I haven’t gotten around to reading, here is a challenge to read more. Actually, this challenge seems fairly simple, based on my reading preferences and the other books I have yet to read. The Berlin Stories fits perfectly with the “book set in Europe” category. Also, for more book goodness, check out the Instagram Book Bento. It’s positively lovely.

I Partied Like a 1960s Playboy” — New York Magazine: It’s a goal of mine to someday host a 1960s themed cocktail party, and this article speaks to my heart. This article outlines the author’s attempt at throwing a dinner party  using the Host and Bar Book by Playboy’s food writer Thomas Mario. It’s kitsch. Pure kitsch. Also, ’tis the season for grasshoppers.

Cranberry Curd Tart Recipe” — The New York Times: I believe in eating cranberries all year long, and if I weren’t such a lazy cook/baker, I would eat this recipe all year long.

Using a Murder Mystery to Teach Grammar” — The Atlantic: A English language teacher in Portugal uses an interesting method to teach English grammar — creating murder mystery scenarios. As a lover of murder mysteries and of foreign language learning I think it’s wonderful.

Katy Carr: Polonia Review — Grand, Upbeat Melodies on Stories of Old Poland” — The Guardian: I must have found this article as I was Googling for my thesis on the American Polish community. It’s a short review of English singer Katy Carr’s album Polonia (which is Latin for Poland). As the headline would suggest, these are all songs about Poland, and I will have all of them stuck in my head.


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