Weekly Reads — July 25, 2015


The one where I finally get back to reading some articles I saved months ago, figure out more photography things, and want to travel to Estonia even more.

“In Estonia, a Hotel Keeps Its Promise”The New York Times: I’ve been wanting to visit the Baltics for a couple years now, so when I spot any of the three countries mentioned in an article, I instantly become alert. This travel article is about the small Estonian island of Muhu. The reporter illustrates the tranquility of the island, which often borders on old-fashionedness. Much of the article describes the historic hotel that the author stayed at, which is beautiful — and absolutely out of my price range if I ever visit Estonia. But in my book, travel articles are supposed to indulge fantasies.

“Laura Marling on Why Writers Should Look Back for Inspiration”The Atlantic: I’ve been meaning to finish this article for months. This is part of a series The Atlantic does with writers called “By Heart.” This one stood out to me as Laura Marling talks about how the past influences her song writing. As someone who loves to write history-based stories, I thought this article was very interesting.

“‘What Font Should I Use?: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces”Smashing Magazine: Fonts! One of the things that I wished my journalism classes had taught us is what fonts to choose. I think that having these basic design skills is really important — especially as readers tend to have a better eye for design now than they probably used to have. This article is five basic steps for picking the best fonts.

“Creator Spotlight: Kate Beaton”Geek and Sundry: A short little article on my favorite comic writer (I didn’t think I’d ever say that I had a favorite comic writer). Beaton’s comics mostly revolve around history, but she often has a humorous take on other topics — the funniest are her Nancy Drew cover comics.

“Camera Lenses –Which Ones Do You Need?”Picture Correct: If you’re new to photography and need a little help with picking out the lenses you should buy, I suggest this article. I actually found some of the information new to me — I had never know that our angle of view is normally 50mm wide, or that higher quality lenses have more blades in the aperture.

I’ve also found a new blog: Take Courage. It’s absolutely lovely and calming. I think I’ll be making the Chai Tea Cake soon.

Are there any articles that I should check out for next week’s Weekly Reads?

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