A Storied Year 2.0

Fact no. 1: I do too many things at once.

Fact no. 2: And that usually means I can only keep up with the really important ones. Like grad school, or assistant-ships, or jobs that I love, but frustrate me at times because all I do is sit at a computer.

This means that all the other projects that don’t directly deal with my studies or my jobs — like writing — get pushed to the wayside, and this is troublesome to me. I like my random projects. They keep me sane, and in the case of this blog, they give me something to do with my writing besides shoving it in a desk drawer.

While I tend not to be a person who makes New Years resolutions, I’m making somewhat of an exception for this year. I will write.

But I can’t promise a story a week. I can promise – and I will promise – at least two a month. I’m also not sure if I want to keep to the strict “story” format. I’ve recently been in a free-form poem mood, and if I’m not utterly ashamed of these, they will be posted. The type of writing that I post probably doesn’t matter anyway — what matters is that I am writing.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure who I am making these promises to. Perhaps to myself more than to the presumably mythical people I am addressing this to. I learned this past semester that a lot of my happiness revolves around doing things that are creative. I wasn’t doing as much photography and writing (both fiction and nonfiction) as I had been in previous semesters, and I just felt … off. So, if I’m going to make any resolution at all, it’s that I’ll be creative in order to keep myself sane.

Happy New Year, mythical people who read this!


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