My Newest Project: Writing a Story a Week … For a Year!

Fact: I take up too many projects at once. I have about a half-dozen books that I’ve started reading, and three sewing projects going on.

So what is taking on one more project? Nothing, really.

But this time, I’m really committed to this project. I’ve always been trying to write more often and consistently, but it seems that life (and school, and everything else) gets in the way. But one of my goals for year no. 22 of my life was to write everyday. Eventually, after much thought, I came up with the idea that, instead of that goal (which is vague, and will most likely be broken), I should write a story a week.

I’ll be publishing my short stories on my new blog: A Storied Year. They’ll go up every Friday, and will range from six words (a la Hemingway), to 6,000.

My first story is up, so go check it out!


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