And So It Begins

I’m terrible about keeping up with my writing. Every year I make a resolution to write more often — more consistently, too — and by the time the next semester roles around at the end of January, this resolution is, resolutely, broken.

Life* — and my own sheer laziness — seems to get in the way.

A few weeks back I made the resolution that, when I turn 22 (TOMORROW!!!), I would write every day. Up until a few days ago I thought to myself “well, that’s one of the resolutions that I’ll break for sure.”

But then I realized that the best way to keep me writing was to set a more substantial goal — a story a week for the next year. Little did I know this was actually a thing, where Ray Bradbury challenged aspiring writers to write 52 short stories.

And how hard can that be? I have enough time to write something (anything, really) in a week, so I’m going to do this.

I’ll be posting my stories on Wednesdays, since I work Thursday through Monday, and my weekends are more middle-of-the-week-ends. This will give me time to write, but also two days to type, do some editing and post.

I plan on writing a wide range of stories — and anywhere from the fabled 6-Word Story (Thanks, Hemmingway), to 6,000 words.

Check back on Wednesday for my first story!


*By life, I mean school.


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