Weekly Reads — May 31

So, even though I’m working full time for the summer, I still find myself with enough time (probably more time now that I don’t have 1,000 pages to read in a week) to keep up-to-date on interesting articles.

Here’s what I’ve been reading for this past week:

The Science of a Tourist Trap: What’s This Desert Doing in Maine?

I hadn’t heard about the Maine “desert” until I read this article. It’s an interesting look at what makes up a tourist trap, but also an look at how farmland should be managed well.

The Chaos Engulfing Eastern  Ukraine

I’m endlessly fascinated by what is happening in Ukraine. I thought this article was really vibrant in it’s language and descriptions.

How Officials Tried to Censor One of the Biggest Stories in the World

A little known history of how the news of German surrender during WWII got out. Endlessly fascinating.

Tempting Europe with Ugly Fruit

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — and not so much in how produce should be judged.

A Tale of Two Europes

While Eastern European countries want to join in the idea of “Europe”, there is a rise of far-right wing parties in Western Europe.



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